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Panorama from Colli di Fontanelle, fraction of Sant'Agnello, looking towards the south, on the Gulf of Salerno Photo: ZetaZeti, via Wikimedia Creative Commons

Exhibition-Market, Sant’Agnello Prepares for the Grand Celebration

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Sant’Agnello is a village 3 kilometres from Sorrento and Hotel Mediterraneo, subdivided into five neighbourhoods or “rione/i” - Angri, Cappuccini, Colli di Fontanelle, Maiano and Tordara-Trasaella. From 1927 to 1946, it was part of the “Grande Sorrento”, along with the nearby towns of Meta, Sorrento and Piano di Sorrento. Only in 1966, did it become an autonomous community.

Along the streets of Sant’Agnello, you can admire remarkable views. Among them, a natural wonder open to the public after years of neglect - the Gulf of Pecoriello at the end of the Viale dei Pini or Pine Street. The name of the gulf probably dates back to when the area was host to numerous herds of sheep. This corner immersed in green and the sea is particularly wondrous at sunset. It is home to the farmstead Il Pizzo which covers 16 hectares, featuring citrus and olive groves and panoramic terraces.

A glimpse of the Gulf of Pecoriello, Sant'Agnello | Photo: Andreaamiranda, via Wikimedia Creative Commons

Every summer, from August to September, the Rione Colli of Fontanelle hosts numerous events, festivals where local traditions are at the centre of each gathering. At the end of the summer season, in fact, is the most highly-awaited event of the Sorrentine Peninsula, the Exhibition-Market which, since 1980, enlivens the town with a festival of products typical of the area. Once again, from 7-9 September, this splendid event allows everyone to get a better understanding of the marvels cultivated by local farmers. Three days of celebrations among the fragrances of peppers, deserts, squash, potatoes, eggplant, corn on the cob, tomatoes, grapes and wines, lemons, zucchini, pickled goods, figs and delicious jams, all strictly from the surrounding area. It is a gathering in which, among the dance performances and live concerts, even children can have fun, enjoying up-close encounters with animals common to the area, such as calves, rabbits, tiny pigs and chicks.
It is an unforgettable occasion to get to know, up-close, local traditions, also thanks to the numerous associated events organised nearby with photographic exhibitions and itinerary events for discovering the historic town centre.

At the Sant'Agnello Exhibition-Market 2017

Among the other summer events, which, every year, make Sant’Agnello a destination for fun, in Piazza Carlo Sagristani, where you can also enjoy a spectacular view of the Gulf of Naples, during the first week of August, there are also popular games which attract a large number of curious spectators. For the Night of San Lorenzo on 10 August, everyone gathers to watch the “shooting stars” on the Terrace of Marinella, while in Rione Angri, as per tradition, there is the celebration of Ferragosto (15 August) in the historic centre with a mix of entertainment and local products.

Piazzetta della Marinella | Photo: Andreaamiranda, via Wikimedia Creative Commons

Le Notti d’Artista tra Terra e Mare or The Nights of the Artist between Land and Sea, is the big event at the end of August. Three days exclusively dedicated to discovering the Sorrentine Coast with excursions on the sea, performances on the beach and walks among the street-vendor booths selling exquisite local products. The event begins with a sunset over the sea and follows through the next days with a series of live concerts and famous guests invited to the lovely belvedere (panoramic lookout point) of Rione Cappuccini. The gran finale comes on the last evening with a fireworks display illuminating the limpid waters of the Sorrentine Coast.

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