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“Antiquariauto” – Antique Cars and Motorbikes on the Mediterranean

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The Sorrentine Coast, besides being a desirable travel destination and a place of important artistic and cultural events, is also host to a gathering of antique autos and motorbikes organised by Antiquariauto, the automobile club, with its headquarters in Naples and associated with the national Automotoclub Storico Italiano. For several years, the traditional meeting of its members, slated for the month of April, stops at Hotel Mediterraneo, a favourite for its incredible location overlooking the sea and the warmth with which it greets its guests.

A vintage car parked in front of the Hotel Mediterraneo Sorrento during Antiquariauto |

This year, the dates and itineraries of the Sorrentine Edition, organised with the logistical support of the Colorviaggi Agency, have already been set: 6 and 7 April in Agerola in the Lattari Mountains and in Conca dei Marini, near the sea, a few kilometres from Amalfi. The event is a feast for the eyes and soul of those aware that in the motors and forms of the creations of the great designers of the 1900s, there is also sublime Italian genius. Particularly because in this “parade of beauty” of autos on the Coast, most of the models are historic vehicles created on the Italian peninsula - above all, by Alfa Romeo and Fiat.

The Conca dei Marini Gulf coast | | Photo: Mess (Own work), via Wikimedia Creative Commons

These rallies of antique autos and motorbikes offer their owners a special occasion to meet and generally occur in locations with breath-taking views, arrived at along winding roads with stunning landscapes. Usually, around twenty historic vehicles participate in each event, high class autos produced by various makers, from varying periods, true jewels with clean and essential lines, embellished with extraordinary detail and kept in mint condition by their owners. Overall, given their historic nature, these autos don’t have the horse power of today’s models, so the distances travelled during these rallies are usually quite modest.

Agnese di Matteo, the only woman that is part of the Consiglio Nazionale ASI, is currently also the Director of Antiquariauto and comes from a tradition that mixes motors with beauty. “The club was founded by my father Luigi di Matteo around twenty years ago as a sort of medical centre for autos, dedicated to finding and restoring antique cars,” says di Matteo. “Since the club became part of the National Federation, we decided to unite the passion for these vehicles to the territory, uniting the rallies to roads and cultural initiatives geared towards the discovery of the wonderful places around us.”

The rallies are reserved to owners of vehicles that were built at least thirty years earlier (vehicles are considered by construction date, not registration date) who are club members in good standing. However, all the events are open to whoever wants to share their passion - just arrive at the starting point in your own beloved vintage vehicle.

In a vintage car, direction Antiquariauto |

Antiquariauto organises various events throughout the year in a number of locations. The favourites are the Amalfi Coast and Cilento. It’s a great opportunity to explore the countryside of Campania, rich in history and artistic masterpieces. Recently, a route was planned which ran through the medieval town of Teggiano and the Certosa of Padula in the Daino Valley in the Province of Salerno. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998, the Certosa is one of the most important monumental Baroque structures in southern Italy and is the largest of its kind in all of Italy.

Certosa di Padula, the façade on the outer court, XVIth century - 1723 | Photo: hillman54, via Flickr

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