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Italian Hotels & Friends


 “Brand Italy”, is recognised throughout the world as a leader for cultural and artistic heritage; from its eminent history to its luscious landscapes, its celebrated fashion houses to its diverse delectable cuisine.


was created to immerse our guests into “Brand Italy”! Formed by a small cluster of hotelier families from the length and breadth of Italy, they represent the distinct national spirit of Italian hospitality. Expert hoteliers with years of hosting know-how and an acute knowledge of their individual regional territory, all of whom are longing to share with their guests a truly unique experience.



Our mission is to completely delight and satisfy our guests. To enable guests to discover or rediscover the true spirit of Italian hospitality. Out of decades of friendship, respect, and a common passion for tourism, this group of professional hotelier families have partnered together to create a network that grants effortless movement and interchanging of its guest for touring Italy; experiencing its radiant lakes, glistening seas, magnificent mountain ranges, profound history rooted in country and city alike.



a. Promoting “Brand Italy” in all its authenticity, secured by passion and professionalism;
b. Couple the hotel facilities with the economic fabric of the regional territory of the host;
c. Ensure Brand Italy rests at the heart of each hotels’ individual offering; hospitality that places the guest at the heart of everything;
d. Creating an “Italian Quality Assurance Programme”, giving our guests confidence that member establishments can meet guests’ exacting standards and expectations.
e. Create a commercial network for national and international clientele, businessmen and tourists.


Desenzano D/C Hotel Bonotto Fam. Bonotto 
Madonna D/C  Hotel Gianna  Fam. Armani 
Norcia  Hotel Grotta Azzurra  Fam. Bianconi 
Rimini  Hotel Luxor  Fam. Leardini Marco
Sorrento  Hotel Mediterraneo  Fam. Maresca 
Siena  Hotel Athena  Fam. Bianciardi 
Eco – Baggero  Hotel Il Corazziere  Fam. Camesasca 
Roma  Hotel Oxford  Fam. Quarta


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