Excursions to Pompeii from Hotel Sorrento: information on the archaeological site

Pompeii is a unique place in the world. Is the biggest archaeological site of Europe. Visiting this town you can have a realistic idea of the everyday life of 2000 years ago. In 79 AC the Vesuvius eruption buried completely Pompeii and Herculaneum (two very important towns of roman empire) with lava and ash. Just in 1748 Pompeii was discovered again by the archaeologists.
The town is perfectly maintained and is still possible to see the architecture as well as the way to live of the Romans.
Some of the most popular attraction are:
The amazing roman villas, where the richest people of the age lived, with their particular architecture and beautiful wall painting. In particular: Villa dei Misteri, Villa di Diomede, Villa delle colonne a mosaico (mosaic columns villa).
The monumental Forum, the centre of politic, religious and commercial life in town.
The Amphitheatre, one of the biggest and better maintained of the roman world, where the gladiators died for the patricians amusement.
The thermal baths, the Lupanare, the theatres and the temples are other suggestive attractions.

Pompeii is extremely easy to reach from Hotel Mediterraneo with a local train. The station is bout 10 minutes walking far from the hotel, the trains runs often and they takes just 30 minutes to reach Pompeii and 40 min to Herculaneum.
Half day group tours are available to the reception desk 3 days a week during the high season.

Concierge suggestion: The guide (in private or group tours) is necessary for this excursion to better understand what you are going to look at. The legend and the little particulars are an important part of the guided tour. An half day is enough to visit the site. If you are particularly interested to the archaeological matter you can visit also in the same day Herculaneum. In that area there are also Oplonti archaeological site that is less popular but interesting too